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Spiced-Chai Quinoa and Sweet Potato Salad

August 20, 2015

With its bright range of colors, flavors, and textures,this quinoa salad is a tough one to beat.

Yield: 4 servings

Time: 40 minutes


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Health Benefits of Matcha

August 16, 2015

If Matcha Green Tea isn’t a staple in your home, you’re behind with the times!

A long standing tradition of Japanese culture, Matcha Green Tea is the highest quality powdered green tea available. Made from the chlorophyll-rich young leaves picked from the tips of shade-grown Camellia sinensis plants, Matcha Green Tea is steamed, stemmed, and dried before being stone-ground into very fine powder.

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Matcha Green Tea Latte

August 11, 2015

The temperature is heating up in ‪#‎yeg. Keep cool this week with a Matcha Iced Latte. Ingredients:  1/2 tsp. Tea Blendz Matcha Green Tea 2 ounces of hot water 3 teaspoons of preferred sweetener (sugar/stevia/simple syrup) 4 ounces of milk ice Directions: Mix "Tea Blendz Matcha Green Tea" and hot water in a bowl Stir with a whisk until completely dissolved. Stir in prefered sweetener (can adjust to taste). Add milk and stir. Add ice cubes and blend in a blender until smooth. Note: You could also prepare this by pouring the mixture over ice instead of blending.

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Sweet Summer Sangria

August 08, 2015

A flavorful treat to keep you cool this summer. Our Fruity Sangria Tea has hints of hibiscus, apple, orange, rose hips, elderberries, carrots, lemongrass, raspberries and natural flavors. Combine it with your favorite white wine for the perfect treat on a hot afternoon.

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