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April 08, 2018

RELAXATION in 5 minutes or less When we feel stressed, a getaway at a beach resort would be ideal to calm our nerves. But there isn’t always time for tanning, let alone sleeping, eating, or relaxing. From sipping tea to trying yoga, these simple techniques will create calm during life’s demanding times. In other words, it’s the perfect time to relax…  Sip Green TeaInstead of downing caffeine, relax with a cup of herbal tea herbal tea. Green tea is a source of L-Theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger and arouses the natural libido. Boil the water, pour it on, steep it and then enjoy taking a soothing sip of Tea Blendz Green Tea which will sooth your mind and spirit. Replace stress with sweetness...

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GREAT SEX AT MIDLIFE…and far beyond

March 21, 2018

Stop worrying and start looking forward…to the best sex you have ever had because lovemaking really does get better & better with age. A great sex life is one of the best kept secrets among couples over 40. When we are younger, all we tend to think about is intercourse, with orgasm as the goal. But as we age, we discover how much we enjoy the sensations along the way. Sex is an important aspect of a relationship which needs attention like anything else. Working at keeping sex “exciting” and understanding sexual health after 40, is key to a beginning of improved intimacy in your relationship. Sex Chemicals… are they in check? There are two key points to keeping your...

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The Fountain of Youth – Health and Wellness

March 09, 2018

The importance of fitness for health can be traced back to many ancient cultures. In modern day, one of the greatest endeavours is the endless pursuit of fitness which remains paramount to health and wellness.   Health is wealth… it is mental, physical and emotional for which a proper balance of these elements is required to enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling life at work, rest and play. Nutrition Eating a balanced diet is of vital importance to maintaining good health and wellbeing. Food and supplements support our immune systems and bodily functions and provides energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals necessary for proper function. A wide variety of fruit, vegetables, grains and lean protein are required to provide appropriate amounts...

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Ode to Spring

February 27, 2018

Written by; Val J With spring just around the corner, warmer days mean a change in your everyday beauty regimen. To begin, your lotions, cleansers and sunscreens should be suitable for each season. Ideally, applying SPF should be the same amount throughout the year but spring can be a high risk time for sunburns and sun damage. Cooler weather causes dead skin cells to build up on your skins surface along with everyday environmental damage. With spring bringing a mix of warmer winds and sunnier days, taking care of your skin begins with exfoliation and hydration which are the keys to radiant skin. Fortunately, beautiful skin can be maintained very inexpensively by using homemade ingredients to create affordable masks and...

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